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Ubuntu 16.04 OpenSSH Problem 2
Since an update for the OpenSSH package under Ubuntu 16.04 for OpenVz, the package OpenSSh no longer works.
As soon as the affected OpenSSH server is restarted afterwards, there is no SSh Connection possible,

There is a simple solution for this:

First you choice your server in the Custom Area:
[Image: server_ausw%C3%A4hlen.png]

Then you have to click on the Manage Button to see SolusVM:
[Image: manage.png]

After that, you create a Temporary ssh Session, with the Button "Serial Console".
[Image: serial_console.png]
After that you connect with the given password.
[Image: putty.png][Image: ssh_serial.png]

Now to the Problem:

You have to create a Cronjob wich runs after every server reboot:


crontab -e
With the following Data:

@reboot mkdir -p -m0755 /var/run/sshd && systemctl restart ssh.service

Now you save the file.

After that you have to reboot your Machine.

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