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Full Version: SoftEther VPN | Installation
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Hello today i will provide you with great SoftEther VPN Server tutorial, its great for your spare VPS'es!

> Debian 8.7 x86_64
> SoftEther VPN Client
> SoftEther VPN Server Manager (If you want it, its on you)

> https://www.softether.org/5-download

Thats all you need to have, you can run this on most of VPS'es without any problems regarding your specs.

> wget http://pilovali.nl/dl/vpnserverinstaller.sh
> chmod +x vpnserverinstaller.sh
ALERT > Go to "vpnserverinstaller.sh" file and open it, you will find this line and edit it for your needs, if you need KVM use eth0 if you use OpenVZ keep venet0:0

#INTERFACE is the outgoing network interface. On OpenVZ it's usually venet0:0, but on KVM/Xen/whatever it's eth0.

> ./vpnserverinstaller.sh
> Follow installation and read pop-ups etc. only thing that can go wrong is installation because you didn't follow instructions!

You can also connect with OpenVPN and L2TP clients

Im not owner of that script, and i don't provide any support regarding install.
You can find allot of help on internet.